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Natural teeth whitening powder - NOUVELSTORE
Natural teeth whitening powder

Natural teeth whitening powder

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Black powder to whiten your teeth? Sounds ridiculous but really works! Activated charcoal is the most effective completely natural ingredient on the market.


It's an oxidized version of charcoal and can be used to easily whiten teeth. It removes external stains from your teeth without the toxic chemical ingredients used in commercial teeth whitening products. This powder promotes good oral health and can change the pH in your mouth, helping to kill the bacteria that cause halitosis (bad breath).

Activated Charcoal Powder is 100% natural. It naturally whitens, polishes and strengthens your teeth while it enamels and detoxifies your mouth without any added chemicals or fillers. All by simply dipping a slightly wet toothbrush into the fine, odorless and slightly minty black powder.


How to use:

Brush gently in small circles for two minutes ensuring to cover all of your teeth. Spit it out carefully, rinse well and you’re done. Your mouth will feel amazingly clean afterward as well as you're teeth being noticeably whiter after as little as three days of use!


Effects and ingredients:

100% Organic Bamboo Shell Activated Charcoal with a hint of bentonite powder and lemon myrtle.

  1. Deodorizes
  2. Prevents Bad Breath
  3. Removes plaque
  4. Prevents harmful Bacteria growth
  5. Whitens


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